Customisable Smart Start Battery Isolator

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REDARC can custom program a Smart Battery Isolator to suit any vehicle or application.

Minimum order quantity of 50. Customisation required. Price subject to change based on customisation. 


The REDARC Smart Start® SBI is a microprocessor controlled, smart battery isolator. Utilising our proven robust design it enables an easy install and reliable solution. REDARC can create a custom isolator to save you or your customers time and money.

An SBI-X can be tailored to suit any application, in 12v or 24, as well as 100amp and 200amp options available.

Please note: Minimum order quantity of 50. Customisation required, price subject to change based on customisation. 

Possible applications include

Prevent battery failure by using a custom, low voltage disconnect to increase the reliability of your system design for your customers, saving money on battery replacements
Charge back to start battery from the auxiliary battery solar system, preventing discharge and damage to start batteries in vehicles with long stationary periods. Isolate non-critical loads at a specific voltage, allowing reserve capacity for critical loads. For example, turning off non-essential lights and other equipment at 12.2 volts, leaving capacity in the battery to maintain a fridge or critical medical device
Provide custom voltage protection to a battery during normal vehicle operation and isolate loads with ignition off by using a programmed trigger function
Set your own safe voltage for operation of loads on cars and trucks whilst the engine is running, preventing accidental damage to the battery by ensuring the loads are isolated when the ignition is turned off.

  • On/off voltages between 9 and 15 volts on 12 volt models or 18 and 30 volts on 24 volt models
  • Programable on/off delays
  • Programable on/off override trigger 
Available voltages and amperages
  • 12 and 24 volts
  • 100 and 200 amps

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Warranty 2 Years

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