REDARC Defence & Space has an established history of working as a trusted partner with Defence Primes, the Space sector and SMEs to bring new technologies to market.

Our key partnerships demonstrate our capability of leveraging the combined expertise, resources, and innovation to deliver world-class solutions for our customers, delivering excellence in national security and space exploration.

ST Engineering Advanced Networks & Sensors Pte Ltd 

A global engineering and technology powerhouse with expertise in aerospace, electrnics, and land systems.

REDARC Defence & Space and ST Engineering leverage combined strenghts to deliver advances vehicle electrnoic systems for Australian Defence Force, ensuring secure and reliable data exchange that is critical for mission success

Kongsberg Defence Australia

As a subsidiary of Norway's leading defence tech giant, Kongsberg Defence Australia is a key player in Australia's defence industry, known for their expertise in advanced weapons systems and technology, including the NASAMS Air Defence System. 

The partnership between REDARC Defence & Space and Kongsberg Defence Australia successfully delivered the electro-mechanical components for the NASAMS Fire Distribution Centres (FDC) under Project LAND 19 Phase 7B. 

Neumann Space

Through their innovative propulsion and satellite technology, Neumann Space propels Australia's space ambitions forward. 

The collaboration involves REDARC Defence & Space providing a certified test environment, including an anechoic chamber and specialized equipment, for testing Neumann Space's electric thrusters. This testing aims to advance space technologies and develop new standards for electric propulsion in space.

MARL International

Leading the way in advanced materials and manufacturing, MARL International ensures the structural integrity and durability of our aerospace and defence solutions.

REDARC Defence & Space partnered with MARL International to manufacture and deliver lighting and related parts for the BAE Systems Australia Hunter Class Frigate Program. 


An Australian defence specialist, shines bright by integrating complex systems and equipment for seamless communication and enhanced capabilities, boosting military situational awareness and decision-making.

The partnership champions Australian industry capability providing the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with cutting-edge communication technology. This joint effort tackles communication challenges by providing the ADF with next-generation Mobile Retransmission System (MRS) units.

BAE Systems

BAE Systems Australia is Australia's most versatile defence and security company. 

From air and maritime sustainment to shipbuilding, their strengths and core capabilities include providing the design, manufacture, upgrade and support services to the Australian Defence Force, cyber intelligence and commercial organisations across the country.

BAE Systems Australia offers total capability in vital areas such as through-life support, security, logistics and systems integration. REDARC and BAE Systems Australia collaborate to deliver integrated systems and technologies for the Australian Defence Force.

Australian Department of Defence 

We are proud to collaborate with the Australian Department of Defence, ensuring our solutions align with national security priorities and operational needs. This ongoing partnership fuels advancements in critical defence technologies, enhancing national security capabilities.



Systel is a leading manufacturer of rugged compute solutions, including rackmount and embedded computer products. Systel’s products are made in the USA and are designed for continuous operation under the most extreme and austere environments. They are AS9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

REDARC Defence & Space and Systel partnership is dedicated to supporting our troops with the best possible solutions to power their missions and advance Australian defence capabilities.

Fleet Space Technologies

A pioneer in satellite-based connectivity and communications.

Fleet partners with REDARC to develop secure and reliable communication solutions for remote and critical environments. The collaboration involves REDARC Defence & Space manufacturing Fleet Space's high-tech satellite-connected mining exploration products. 

REDARC Defence & Space is committed to fostering a robust ecosystem of partnerships. If you share our commitment to technological advancement and vision for a safer and more secure future, we invite you to explore potential collaborations. Please use below form for any inquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.