Anthony Kittel inducted into the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Hall of Fame

The REDARC Group is incredibly proud to congratulate CEO & Managing Director, Anthony Kittel, on being inducted into the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Hall of Fame at the 2022 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Awards.

This award recognises the creativity, industriousness and accomplishments of outstanding individuals who have contributed to the ongoing success of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Industry.

“It has been a wonderful 25 years of owning REDARC with my wife, Michele and developing a business from eight people in Adelaide to a business of more than 300 people today,” said Anthony, upon his induction into the hall of fame.

“It has been an exciting journey. As everyone knows you have to have a great team of people and a great family to support you in this journey and I really appreciate everyone that has backed me and given me this opportunity to succeed.”

“A belief in manufacturing in Australia is my passion and I believe this country can do and can continue to do much better than we have in the past. I have been glad to see a lot more focus on manufacturing, particularly during COVID, and a lot can happen in this country, commercialising IP and taking products to the world, and that’s what REDARC’s aim is.”

Speaking on what’s next for REDARC, Anthony said, “I have always had a goal to have the REDARC brand be known internationally, and we are slowly but surely succeeding by breaking into the North American and European markets which is really pleasing, and while we still have a long journey to go, I hope to see many years of success to come.”

Stuart Charity, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association said, regarding Anthony’s Hall of Fame induction, “Anthony is one of the true industry pioneers and his commitment to Australian manufacturing is inspiring. He is a truly deserving winner of our industry’s highest individual honour.”

“This industry supports us, and we are very thankful for what you have done for us and thankful for the results we have been able to achieve,” said Anthony, “I am just amazed and delighted to be a recipient and to be in such great company and I am very, very humbled to be accepting this award.”

The AAAA has recognised individuals whose vision, work ethic, integrity and character have made a positive and measurable impact on the ongoing development of Australia’s Automotive Aftermarket Industry since 1977. Anthony joins recent inductees John Blanchard Snr of CoolDrive and Bob Pattison of GUD.

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