GoBlock powers Operation Flinders Youth Program

REDARC’s GoBlock has helped Operation Flinders transform the lives of young South Australians.

Adventure therapy programs run by the non-profit organisation aim to build optimism, belonging, hope and social and emotional wellbeing through a focus on resilience, purpose and connection.

Their core 8- day program is held in the northern Flinders Ranges for young people aged 13 to 18 years old who come from across South Australia and are typically referred to the organisation as part of a team of 10 from one school or agency.

During this program, young people can trek up to 100km, experience abseiling, Indigenous culture, bushcraft and build self-confidence through challenging themselves.

The portability of the two donated GoBlocks has been a huge benefit which have been utilised in numerous ways including:

  • Powering various fridges and air compressors in the field.
  • Powering and charging communications equipment without the need to have our entire fleet (20 vehicles) permanently wired and set up with dual batteries.
  • Standalone use in the field when required and as integral part of contingency planning and management of incidents.
  • Transferring fuel from bulk storage to vehicles and equipment in the harsh remote and off-grid environment.

Operation Flinders has helped thousands of young people through the experience of their programs.

Once the young person completes the core program, they are invited to join the Next Step Program, opening them up to a world of opportunity and growth to transform their lives.