Graduate opportunities inside REDARC

At REDARC we are passionate about educating and developing young enthusiastic engineers and technicians through our leading-edge technology and highly skilled mentors. Graduate opportunities at REDARC see new engineers gain hands-on experience in real-life project situations and exposure to a range of state-of-the-art technologies. We’re taking a deeper look inside REDARC and at the different departments and technologies that keep us on the cutting edge of innovation.

Broad spectrum engineering experience

Those who start their career at REDARC are exposed to a wide range of engineering experience both in the current staff and technologies available. Graduates are given the opportunity to work across Production, Testing and Research & Development departments to get experience in electronics design and manufacturing, an industry that is becoming a rarity in Australia.

With a number of different engineering departments at REDARC including mechanical, manufacturing, firmware, hardware design, and software design, graduate engineers are able to experience the entire product design lifecycle, including inception, design, production, and sales.

Mentorship and training

As a part of developing graduate engineers at REDARC, we are committed to providing ongoing support in the form of both mentorship and training. Graduate engineers work in a formalised mentorship program with a senior engineering staff member as well as learning from other staff in a range of departments across the business.

REDARC is also dedicated to providing ongoing training to keep our engineering staff on the cutting edge of technology. With Industry 4.0 apprenticeships, international manufacturing tours, and sponsored study opportunities available, engineers are encouraged to pursue further education.

Undergraduate opportunities to full-time roles 

Many of our graduate engineers at REDARC began their career with us as undergraduate interns. We provide many opportunities throughout the year for undergraduate students to partake in internships which often lead to full-time graduate roles once students have completed their studies.

Internships at REDARC not only give students exposure to the application of different engineering disciplines in the business but allow students to be rotated through the Production, Testing, and R&D departments of the company. This experience is designed to enhance students’ technical, business, and people skills in a real-world business environment.

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