Anthony Kittel joins Training and Skills Commission

Anthony Kittel, Managing Director of REDARC has recently been appointed to the State’s Training and Skills Commission.

Employment, Higher Education and Skills Minister Gail Gago welcomed Anthony Kittel as Deputy Chair of the Commission.

“The new Commission is a good balance of industry, academic and community leaders who will provide independent advice that’s relevant to industry.

“The Training and Skills Commission will continue its vital work regulating the apprenticeship and traineeship system, and providing independent industry-led strategic advice on skills and training,” Ms Gago said.

Mr Kittel said he will use his position to help increase the global competiveness of South Australian companies, as well as leverage the state’s competitive advantages.

“Developing skills is something I’m really passionate about at REDARC and I look forward to doing that on a wider level,” he said.

“At a basic level, we need to increase the literacy and numeracy level within our workforce – this is an absolute must.”

Mr Kittel is one of two new members to the Commission, the other being Nova Systems co-founder Melinda O’Leary. Adrian Smith, Managing Director of Rheinmetall Australia, a subsidiary of German defence and automotive company Rheinmetall, will continue as Chair of the Commission.

Ms Gago said the Commission’s latest plan provides a clear and well-informed roadmap to support the state’s workforce and successfully navigate the changing labour market. The plan forecasts that health care and social assistance will be among the top fields for job growth in South Australia.

“In the south (of Adelaide), this is something that I see growing first-hand and it’s exciting,” Mr Kittel said.

REDARC was established in 1979 and purchased by Anthony and Michele Kittel in 1997. REDARC, which was named the Telstra business of the year in 2014, employs 100 people and has been a member of the BRW magazine’s Fast 100 on four consecutive occasions.