REDARC powers Cub Campers | Designed for luxury, engineered for adventure

\REDARC are proud to see the RedVision system at the forefront of included product offerings in Australian-made caravans and camper trailers across the globe.

This month saw Cub Campers, a valued member of our dealer’s network, release their newest innovation, the C16. They’ve taken their decades of experience and put them to good use in creating a new generation of caravan for the next generation of campers.

Known for producing high-quality, Australian made camper trailers for over half a century, Cub Campers can relate to REDARC in knowing that with a high-quality product reputation, comes the expectation of performance.

Matt Kennelly, Retail Manager at Cub Campers mentioned that, “After being in the market for over 53 years, Cub Campers has a reputation for quality products that last and withstand the test of time. The values that [REDARC] portray in their business, are essentially the same as Cub Campers. Both being very proud Australian Manufacturers.”

Cub CampersCub Campers

Just like REDARC often endorses, products like the C16 come equipped with REDARC technology and provide the remote capability to keep you off-grid for longer.

“Most of our customers go remote, they’re off-grid. They need a product that is going to stand the test of time and not let them down. We’ve found that with REDARC we get that reliability.”


You’ll find a range of REDARC products inside Cub Camper’s latest range of campers. Expect to see a 40A DC-DC charger and 200aH Lithium batteries, with the RedVision Total Vehicle Management System controlling comfort in your home away from home.

“I think my ultimate favourite is the RedVision System. The way it displays all the information that you need and the ability to control and see, via your Bluetooth device, exactly what’s going on in your camper trailer. There is an expectation that REDARC products just work, and they do.”

Cub CampersCub Campers

REDARC has decades of experience working with OEMs to create innovative bespoke solutions, increasing safety, productivity, and morale for businesses that spend extended lengths of time on the road.


Each system is as unique and customisable as your vehicle, budget and journey requirements. Learn about the different REDARC dual battery setups available and find out what gear you need to charge and power your next journey.

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