Not all DC to DC chargers are equal

With an ever increasing number of electrical accessories and devices being used when travelling around Australia, along with more complex vehicle electrical systems than seen in years gone by, having the right battery charging solution has never been more important.

The REDARC range of BCDC in-vehicle battery chargers ensure optimum performance of electrical equipment such as fridges, lights, camera’s or even CPAP machines when powered from a dual battery set up.

BCDC in-vehicle battery chargers have been designed to charge any commonly used automotive auxiliary battery to 100% by providing a unique multi-stage charging algorithm whilst on the move.  The BCDC algorithm has been independently verified and tested to ensure battery life is maximised and the fitment of the product by a large Original Equipment Manufacturer is testament to this.   

The range features a wide 9 – 32 Volt input range allowing an auxiliary battery to be charged from either a 12V or 24V vehicle electrical system.  There is a 20, 25 or 40 Amp output option for charging a 12 volt auxiliary battery or a 20 Amp output option for charging a 24 volt auxiliary battery set up.  The 12 Volt, 25 and 40 Amp and the 24 Volt 20 Amp models also feature a fully integrated MPPT Solar regulator, allowing the maximum amount of power from solar panels to charge an auxiliary battery.

Designed, built and tested in Australia for our unique conditions, the BCDC in-vehicle battery chargers won’t let you down. With over 35 years experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of battery chargers, REDARCs’ knowledge of Australian conditions are engineered into every unit.

Compact in size and fully sealed - water, dust and vibration are no match for the BCDC in-vehicle battery charger, so you know they can handle the roughest tracks in outback Australia and even deep water crossings at Cape York.  Featuring fan free cooling, there is no noise or wearing parts, eliminating any risk of dust getting into the unit and breaking down when you need it most.

All models in the BCDC in-vehicle battery charger range operate up to a market leading 80°C meaning they are going to work in even the most extreme heat of the Simpson Desert. A higher operating temperature also allows for flexible installation options, from the engine bay to inside a van or camper trailer.

REDARC BCDC in-vehicle battery chargers are well protected, incorporating dual battery isolation functionality as well as fault recognition that includes protection against voltage spikes, overheating and reverse polarity.

REDARC products come with a two year warranty, on top of that there is an Australia wide back up with after-sales service to answer any questions that may arise.  If you’re heading out into the bush and want to get there and back again safely – REDARC have you covered. 

To find out more information about a REDARC BCDC In-vehicle charger, visit or email or call our friendly sales support team on 08 8322 4848.