REDARC Defence & Space and Kongsberg Defence Australia celebrate completion of NASAMS FDC deliveries

In early 2020, REDARC Defence & Space was selected by Kongsberg Defence Australia to supply electro-mechanical components for the NASAMS Fire Distribution Centre (FDC) as part of Project LAND 19 Phase 7B

Last week, REDARC Defence & Space completed their final delivery, marking the successful completion of a critical collaboration between the two companies.

Kongsberg Defence Australia visited REDARC’s facility in Lonsdale, South Australia, to recognise this important milestone and partnership between the two companies.

The NASAMS FDC is the heart of the NASAMS air defence system, providing command, control, communications and computing (C4) functionality to manage the engagement of sensors, launchers, missiles and communication systems. 

REDARC's Australian-made electromechanical components play a vital role in the NASAMS FDC. The company's power distribution systems ensure that the FDC has a reliable source of power, even in the most demanding environments. REDARC Defence & Space supplied a range of electromechanical components for the FDC, including power distribution systems, safety interlock systems, and electrical enclosures. The company's products were selected for their high quality, reliability, and performance in harsh environments.

The collaboration between REDARC Defence & Space and Kongsberg Defence Australia has been critical to the success of the LAND 19 Phase 7B program.

The successful completion of the NASAMS FDC program is a testament to the capabilities of the Australian defence industry. It is also a showcase of the benefits of collaboration between Australian companies and international primes.