REDARC Defence Systems to lead AIC Enhanced Opportunity on Hunter Class Frigate Program

On 12 Feb 2021, MARL International (MARL) (Cumbria, UK) signed a formal Teaming Agreement with REDARC Defence Systems Pty Ltd for the provision of maritime intelligent LED Lighting Systems in support of Australian Continuous Ship Building Program.

Under the Teaming Agreement, REDARC are responsible for the development of the AIC Enhanced proposal as the Prime Systems Integrator to support the first three ships to be built by BAE Maritime Systems Australia (BAEMSA) as the Hunter Class Frigate Program.

MARL is the appointed lighting provider for the UK Type 26 Batch 1 program and have submitted the AIC base case for ships 1 to 3 for the Hunter Class Frigate Program.

In order to ensure the AIC Enhanced Case for LED Luminaires delivers real Australian Industry Capability, REDARC has primed the development of an Australian led proposal that offers BAEMSA the opportunity to contract with an Australian company from ship one, whilst drawing on the expertise of the MARL’s experience on T26 to ensure a low risk, technically compliant solution is available early in the program.

During a recent review as part of both companies’ capabilities, REDARC and MARL were able to ensure that the Technology Transfer Plan being offered is low risk and a majority can happen before the required delivery schedule of ship 1.

REDARC and MARL were introduced through the BAE Global Access Program and have already been working together on a number of other projects.   Jointly, we have identified that the best way to meet both BAEMSA and the Commonwealth’s requirements for Hunter Class Frigate Program in regards to AIC is for REDARC to lead the AIC enhanced solution.

This means that an Australian based solution is available from ship one where project management, engineering, supply chain management, production and sustainment will be done locally should this offer be accepted. REDARC is already engaging with local suppliers to ensure maximum use of Australian industry is offered.

Managing Director REDARC Group, Mr Anthony Kittel said,  “We have built a strong relationship between REDARC and MARL since 2017 and our joint decision to offer MARL’s maritime lighting system from Australia offers our customers a low risk, Australian focused outcome from ship 1 if BAEMSA and the Commonwealth select the AIC enhanced option”.

MARL Managing Director, Mr Adrian Rawlinson said, “This partnership has made the transfer of technology possible, and through engaging REDARC I am confident that MARL International can deliver the AIC requirements and provide a long-term Australian capability.”

REDARC Defence Systems (REDARC) is an Australian owned and based Defence SME, that is part of the REDARC Electronics. REDARC currently employs over 250 people and exports its own products globally. In the last twelve months REDARC has grown its team to include staff in the United States and in Europe.

REDARC Defence Systems General Manager - Sales, Mr Mike Hartas added, “REDARC will advertise all work packages up for consideration on the ICN Gateway and encourages Australian Industry to register interest at the appropriate time”.



REDARC was established in 1979. In the last five years, two new brands have joined the REDARC stable – Hummingbird Electronics in 2015 and REDARC Defence Systems in 2019.  In 2020, the Company founded REDARC Corporation in the USA. The Company specialises in GPS monitoring products, sensors, battery power conversion and management systems, safety devices and electronic brake controllers. Their products can be found on vehicles used in defence, emergency services and mining, and recreational vehicles such as 4WDs, caravans and camper trailers globally. REDARC take their domestically proven products to Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe, New Zealand, the Middle East, South Korea and South Africa.