REDARC launches GoBlock Smart Battery Recovery Cable

REDARC is pleased to introduce the newest addition to the GoBlock accessory range, the GoBlock smart battery recovery cable, designed to safely recover your vehicle’s start battery when flat using the GoBlock.

Utilising the GoBlock’s smart battery recovery feature and smart battery recovery cables, you can safely charge yours or your friend’s start battery and get out of trouble in as little as 15 minutes. Unlike traditional jump starting, the smart battery recovery feature means you can stop the vehicle and turn it back on again without needing to jump-start the battery a second time.

Fitted with a genuine Anderson connector, this cable measures 1.5m in length and includes alligator style clamps for quick and effective connection to the vehicle’s battery.

Speaking on the development of the GoBlock smart battery recovery cable, General Manager of Aftermarket Sales ANZ Ben Marsh said, “These cables allow you to get the most out of your GoBlock portable power system and make sure you or your mates don’t get stuck on the tracks. As one of the first additions to our GoBlock accessory range, we’re excited to continue this product innovation.”

Designed to be used with REDARC’s latest innovation in portable power, the GoBlock features REDARC’s proprietary DC charging technology paired with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO₄) cells for 2000+ charge cycles, up to 4x more cycles than other portable power solution on the market.

Winner of a Good Design Award in 2021, GoBlock is the culmination of customer feedback and extensive market research relating to the limitations of existing 4WD dual battery systems. Designed, engineered, built and tested from the ground up in Australia, it’s purpose built to thrive in Australia’s harshest conditions.

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