REDARC launches new BCDC Core

BCDC Core launchBCDC Core launch

REDARC is excited to launch the new BCDC Core range of in-cabin DC to DC chargers.

Available in 25A and 40A variants, the BCDC Core is the perfect DC to DC charging solution for in-cabin, canopy, or battery box setups where dust and weatherproofing isn’t required.

Each BCDC Core features REDARC’s tried and tested dual input DC charging tech plus an MPPT solar regulator and Green Power Priority all in the familiar and compact BCDC form factor. These features allow the BCDC Core to efficiently charge from both the alternator and solar simultaneously, ensuring maximum charge capacity no matter the situation.

The BCDC Core is compatible with all common battery chemistries including Lithium (LiFePO4). Suitable for 12 or 24-volt alternators, the Core range is compatible with both standard and smart alternators.

To coincide with the release of the BCDC Core, the current 25A, 40A, and 50A dual input BCDC variants that you know and trust will now be known as the BCDC Classic. With fully sealed electronics, the BCDC Classic remains the only ultra-rugged DC to DC charger – suitable for engine bay installations, water crossings, desert heat, mud pits and wild weather. You name it, the BCDC Classic can handle it.

Product Manager for the BCDC Core, Albert Atkins said, “REDARC’s BCDC range has long been the market leader in DC to DC charging where weatherproofing is paramount. With the BCDC Core we’re launching a new range of chargers for installations in the vehicle cabin or canopy where dust and water proofing isn’t required. The BCDC Core is built in Australia with REDARC’s legendary reliability but features a new price point to suit every budget.”

Like all REDARC products, the new BCDC Core is backed by nation-wide support, including a hassle-free warranty, REDNetwork certified installer network and after-sales service to answer any questions.

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