REDARC partners with ARB as 4x4 and van market segment accessories distributor in Europe and the United Kingdom

REDARC is pleased to announce ARB’s European and United Kingdom entities,  ARB EUROPE S.R.O. and AUTOSTYLING TRUCKMAN GROUP (UK) as their 4x4 and Van accessories distributors across Europe, the United Kingdom, and Northern Africa. 

ARB EUROPE and TRUCKMAN are leading distributors of 4WD, Van and camping accessories headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic and Dudley, United Kingdom, respectively. With a vast distribution network, this is a great opportunity for REDARC to showcase their range of innovative products to this part of the world. Partnering with ARB is an important step in growing and strengthening the REDARC brand on a global scale.

Peter Favilla, President Mobile Power & Connected Vehicles, stated, “I am delighted with the ongoing progress of REDARC’s growth in its international markets. The deepening partnership with ARB on a global scale is a significant milestone and this collaboration not only enhances REDARC's foothold in this region but opens avenues to provide cutting-edge power management solutions to outdoor enthusiasts.”

Drawing parallels between the rugged landscapes of Australia and the regions where REDARC is expanding, Favilla noted the shared passion for outdoor pursuits and off-grid exploration. 

“This commonality reinforces the importance of reliable power management products, essential for sustaining extended journeys in remote areas.”

Tomas Vobr, ARB Europe's General Manager, shares his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "With a presence in the market since the early 1980s and from 2014 with local European company, specialising in 4x4 accessories and currently adding Van market accessories, ARB Europe and Truckman stand as a definitive force. Our extensive network of distributors and dealers across the region solidifies our leadership in the industry. 

Welcoming REDARC into this alliance ignites our excitement, as we anticipate a robust partnership poised for continuous growth. We recognise REDARC as a global industry frontrunner, renowned for their specialised high-quality power products and expertise, and are confident in the immense value they bring to our extensive product line-up. This partnership is seen as a harmonious amalgamation, synergising the strengths of two industry leaders to cater comprehensively to the dynamic needs of outdoor enthusiasts across the region.”

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