REDARC introduce a range of accessories for AC Battery Chargers

REDARC has introduced a range of accessories for use with their co-branded 12V SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers by DEFA launched in late 2018.


The accessories can be used with the SmartCharge range, AC to DC battery chargers designed to automatically charge and maintain most 12V automotive and auxiliary batteries including Lithium (LiFePO4).


Since their release, the SmartCharge range has become popular with users in a wide range of applications such as cars, boats, motorbikes, scooters, lawnmowers and just about anything else with a small battery that isn’t used on a regular basis.


With the introduction of the range of accessories to complement the SmartChargers, recharging batteries has never been easier thanks to a new 12V Charging Kit and two 12V Charging Cables.


The 12V Charging Kit (#SBC12ACC1-4) is a charging cable with ring terminals that includes a socket for permanent mounting to a battery, ultimately saving the user the hassle of accessing the battery in hard to reach locations. The cable can also charge and power electrical devices like mobile phones, sound systems and fridges via its socket.

12V Charging Cable with Ring Terminals12V Charging Cable with Ring Terminals

The 12V Charging Cable with Ring Terminals (#SBC12ACC1-5) allows the user to permanently mount the ring terminals on a battery. It is ideally used on applications such as motorbikes, ATV’s, scooters, jet-skis and lawn mowers.

12V Charging Cable with Clamps12V Charging Cable with Clamps

The 12V Charging Cable with Clamps(#SBC12ACC1-6) allows the user to permanently mount cables to a battery and is ideal for monitoring and charging batteries in showroom vehicles, fleets and other vehicles that remain unused for long periods of time.

All three accessories feature a battery status indicator, which shows the battery charge level in real time via a coloured status indicator. The battery indicator shows the charge status of the battery via a red, yellow or green light.


The advantage of these accessory cables is that they can be permanently mounted to a battery, ultimately simplifying the charging process. To charge, simply take the cover off the battery status indicator and connect directly to your SmartCharger and press the ‘ON’ button.


REDARC’s Managing Director, Anthony Kittel, said that by offering a range of accessories for the SmartCharge AC battery range means customers have even more choice when selecting a suitable charging solution whatever their application.


“The feedback we have been receiving from our customers who are using a SmartCharge has been overwhelmingly positive, they have been impressed with their style, sophistication and how easy they make recharging. As a result, we are introducing this range of accessories to make the charging process even easier.”


“With the Charging Kit and Charging Cables, you won’t need to find your way to the battery in order to connect it to the SmartCharge as they offer a permanent mounting solution.”


The REDARC range of AC SmartCharge Battery Chargers by DEFA is available in four variants, 4, 6, 8 and 10amps. The 4 and 6A units are suited for applications with a smaller battery including bikes, scooters, lawnmowers whereas the 8 and 10A variants are suited for bigger batteries used in cars, caravans, campers and RV’s.


The main advantage of the SmartCharge range is that they recognise the type of battery it's connected to and adjusts their charging process to suit the battery’s charge status, size and ambient temperature conditions. They also have a clear display which shows the status of charge and battery charge level.


REDARC has partnered with Norwegian manufacturer DEFA, with both companies sharing similar values and focusing on continuous improvement, innovation and most importantly providing customers with great products of the highest quality.


The SmartCharge range of AC Battery Chargers and their accessories are covered by a 5-year warranty. You can visit the range here.

SmartCharge rangeSmartCharge range