REDARC signs MOU with MARL International for future Australian naval projects

South Australian advanced-manufacturing company REDARC Electronics has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with British based advanced manufacturing company MARL International to manufacture and support the LED Lighting solutions that will go onto the Global Combat Ship – Australia (GCS-A) if BAE Systems is successful in its SEA 5000 Future Frigates bid.

The agreement, which was facilitated through BAE Systems Australia’s Global Access Program, has aligned two similar companies to work together to share technologies that will enable local manufacturing and ongoing support of the advanced LED lighting solutions required for and the Global Combat Ship – Australia.

The MOU further expands MARL International and REDARC’s involvement in the International defence sector. It covers an agreement to exchange technology that will enable REDARC to manufacture LED lighting components, control systems and power supply units that have been designed specifically by MARL in the UK to support Defence Maritime Vessels. This agreement also opens the path for MARL and REDARC to offer LED lighting solutions to other maritime programs in Australia.

MARL’s Managing Director Adrian Rawlinson said “The support provided by BAE Systems’ Global Access Program has enabled us to bring two great companies together. Not only will this relationship allow us to transfer technology enabling the local manufacture and ongoing support of our LED lighting technology in Australia, but it also allows our companies to collaborate on other opportunities on a larger scale.”

“REDARC offers MARL the opportunity for a single relationship into Australia, where REDARC will use its local supply chain to provide the entire LED lighting solution for maritime contracts,”  he added.

Established in 1973, MARL International is a British, privately-owned and highly respected company providing custom LED lighting and Electrical solutions to the European and US Aviation, Rail and Defence Sectors.

Managing Director, Mr Anthony Kittel said REDARC had established itself as a high-quality SME in the Australian Defence military vehicle and naval systems sector over the past five years.

“This latest announcement is a great testament of our ability to work in the competitive defence sector,” It means we are well positioned to provide world-class innovation to help BAE Systems deliver Australian Industry Content on the most advanced Frigate in the world.”  

Established in 1979, REDARC is an Australian, privately-owned and award-winning SME successfully supplying patented electronic solutions to global markets including automotive, mining, defence and emergency services.