Meet REDNetwork Advisory Council member Josh Doutch

Josh Doutch from Voltaic Auto Electrical in Perth is the Western Australia representative for the REDNetwork Advisory Council. The council has been set up to provide members a local contact to share identified opportunities as well as needs in their business. Members of the council will meet throughout the year to discuss these amongst other REDNetwork related business.

Our team of 21 people are across multiple services at Voltaic Auto Electrical. We provide 4x4 diagnostics and repairs, 4x4 auto electrical Installs, aircon repairs, EV servicing and repairs and 4x4 performance modifications.

I see REDARC as being a strong and reputable Australian brand which drew me into joining the REDNetwork. It's a product leader in our industry, and I often look to REDARC for inspiration. REDARC doesn’t just operate a very well-run business; they also conduct their business with admirable values and ethics. 

I believe being part of the Network is a must for auto electrical businesses that share the same REDARC values of innovation teamwork and integrity. The insights and value in meeting the REDARC team and other members gives you reassurance you’re not alone, clarity for the future and a voice that is extremely valuable in this noisy day and age. 

Having a network of reliable partners in various cities and states, all of whom uphold high standards of service, provides both our team and our clients with a significant degree of confidence and assurance.

I believe the Network has the potential to be a national forum for auto electrical business that share values. Having this national network also allows us to steer our industry’s future by collaborating and bringing us together improving the auto electrical trade for the next generation to come. It will also allow us as a conglomerate of businesses to attract work opportunities that would otherwise go to large corporations that don’t specifically work in our field, redirecting the economy back to the business owners that support our industry and our country.

Th Advisory Council is a great initiative to build high value in the network delivering clear frontline information from each area in our country. This should help all business across the network keep ahead of trends and stay at the tip of the spear. As an advocate for the growth of the auto electrical industry, I would fully support any member that wished to address ideas through me.