Meet REDNetwork Advisory Council members Mitch and Laura Bell

Mitch and Laura Bell from Twelve Australia in Port Macquarie are the New South Wales representatives for the REDNetwork Advisory Council. The council has been set up to provide members a local contact to share identified opportunities as well as needs in their business. Members of the council will meet throughout the year to discuss these amongst other REDNetwork related business.

We have a small but mighty team and workplace culture at Twelve and work alongside three dedicated professionals.

At Twelve we specialise in the full range of off grid touring work for caravans, campers, motorhomes and 4WDs. This includes everything from diagnostics, safety checks and repairs, through to custom designed dual battery systems and installation of advanced 12V off grid systems. No two days are the same at our workshop and we enjoy the unique variety we see between each make and model of vehicle. 

REDARC has been consistent in delivering strong values and vision for their company. It is extremely important for us as a business to work alongside likeminded manufacturers and suppliers who are committed to ongoing excellence, innovation, and support of the Auto Electrical industry. We have gained valuable insights since joining the REDNetwork. The training, networking and business owner conferences has allowed us to broaden our insights and pivot quickly with each technological advancement. 

The REDNetwork delivers an industry leading initiative, ensuring that the knowledge, installation, and workmanship a customer receives from a REDNetwork member is of the highest quality. Many of our customers are travelling and camping off grid with limited access to services. The added confidence we have been able to provide our customers knowing they have a trusted Auto Electrical network, Australia wide is invaluable. The REDNetwork has exceeded industry standards for customer experience, and we are extremely proud to be playing an active role in the overall success of the REDNetwork. 

The Automotive Industry has seen rapid advancements in electrical technology within a short period of time, therefore big picture knowledge and planning is an exciting prospect for us as a small business. Gaining global industry insights and developments is invaluable to our future success and ongoing ability to meet the demands of the consumer market. By being part of the Advisory Council, we see a great opportunity to increase the merit and professional visibility of the Auto Electrical trade within the REDNetwork. Our Tradesman are experts in the arena and are committed to a long-term career. We want to ensure we can sustain a steadfast position to maintain the trade’s viability within the greater automotive industry.  

The REDNetwork is a supportive environment which will bring out the best in your business for you, and your customers. Our advice would be to stay connected and keep up to date with training and new products and most importantly, say yes to the opportunities offered to you within the REDNetwork!