Surface Mount Technology Inside REDARC

At the forefront of REDARC’s values, innovation has always been critical to company culture. Because of this, exploring new technologies from around the globe allows us to maintain and grow upon our product design and production advantage in the manufacturing marketplace. To maintain this position, we need the best and highest spec equipment available. We’re taking a deeper look inside REDARC and the different departments and technologies that keep us on the cutting edge of innovation.

Advanced manufacturing in Australia

To stay on the cutting edge of design and manufacture, REDARC’s Surface Mount Technology line allows printed circuit boards to be manufactured in-house. At its core, the SMT Department allows REDARC to keep our products Australian made. With a team of 23 employees, it is the first stage in the manufacturing process, making the circuit boards that live inside of REDARC's Australian made products. Keeping this production in-house means that we have full control over the manufacturing and quality of our boards.

In February 2021, the SMT line placed over 10.9 million components assembling over 87,000 printed circuit boards. This improvement since 2018, through the introduction of Industry 4.0 principles, and continuous improvement and investment in equipment and our people.


World leading surface mount technology line

The first of its kind in the world, REDARC's SMT Asscon reflow oven has vacuum soldering capability and was introduced into REDARC 4 years ago. This gives REDARC the technical advantage to be able to solder under high temperature devices, which makes them last longer and perform better. This SMT line can place components twice as fast as many other machines, able to place 12 components per second.

SMT lineSMT line

The SMT team are required to have an extensive and varied skillset due to the numerous tasks that need to be undertaken in the manufacturing of PCBs. This includes being able to solder to international standards, day to day interaction with highly technical automation, working to Lean Manufacturing principles, and a variety of problem solving and troubleshooting techniques. Overall, this provides them with strong foundational knowledge in manufacturing process which can lead to any industry.


A dedication to investment in equipment and our teams

REDARC is dedicated to investing in the latest technology to continue increasing the capability and quality of product development. This results in a better product that is created to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction and product longevity. We are committed to producing reliable products that will go the distance with you.