Tow-Pro approved for use with AL-KO ESC

We are pleased to announce that after being tested by AL‐KO Engineers for compatibility with the AL‐KO ESC – Electronic Stability Control, the Tow‐Pro has been certified as approved for use on trailers fitted with AL‐KO ESC systems.

From the AL‐KO website, “The AL‐KO ESC – Electronic Stability Control ensures that you the driver can handle a variety of unexpected driving hazards safe in the knowledge that your AL‐KO ESC provides complete control ‐ control that will not only monitor the stability of both the car and caravan but also regulate any dangerous lateral movement and immediately take preventative action to maintain road position.”

Tow‐Pro units Manufactured from the beginning of August, with serial numbers 1408000‐000 (of the format YYMMXXX‐XXX) and later are now APPROVED for use with AL‐KO ESC systems. Tow‐Pro units produced prior to August 2014 were tested and deemed to be NOT APPROVED for use with AL‐ KO ESC.