Tow-Pro Elite V3 approved for use with AL-KO ESC

REDARC Electronics are pleased to announce their newly released Tow-Pro Elite V3 electric brake controller has been tested by AL‐KO Engineers for compatibility with AL‐KO ESC and DSC, and has been certified as approved for use on trailers fitted with these systems.

AL-KO ESC is a sophisticated brake actuation system that enhances safety in emergency situations such as sudden swerving and swaying when towing.

The approval of REDARC's V3 Tow-Pro Elite follows in the footsteps of the Tow-Pro Elite V2, Tow-Pro Classic and EBTM brake controller in being certified by AL-KO and nominated onto their approved electric brake controllers list.

For further information regarding AL-KO's technologies and technical literature visit the AL-KO website or to find out more about REDARC's Tow-Pro Elite V3 visit the product page.