How to install ABS mounts for fixed solar panels

The ABS plastic side mount is designed to attach single or multiple solar panels to a RV or boat. This installation guide instructs how to use REDARC SMI9001, SMI9002, SMI9003 or SMI9007 ABS mounts to attach single or multiple solar panels to the roof of a boat or RV without drilling, to maintain seal integrity.

Before you begin

Read the Fixed Solar Panel and Sikaflex product use instructions. Check that you have everything you need. Additional items are required to complete this installations and are not included with the product. The installer must supply all parts, tools and fasteners required for the individual installation configuration.

  • Adhesive: Sikaflex 252
  • Painted/fiberglass surface primer: Sika Primer 206 G+P
  • ABS Plastics surface primer: Sika Primer 215
  • Packers or double-sided tape to 4mm thickness
  1. Prime roof surface with Sika Primer 206 G+P. The surface can be painted or fiberglass. 
  2. Prime the mounting brackets mating surface with Sika Primer 215.
  3. Set packers/double sided tape in place on the roof surface. These need to be 4mm thick as the thickness of the bonded adhesive must be 4mm in thickness. 
  4. Apply 6mm bead of Sikaflex 252 to the ABS mount, then place and press down. 
  5. Hold in place until the Sikaflex bonds (unless double-sided tape has been used). 
  6. Let the Sikaflex cure for the required amount of time.