Ready to get out on the tracks and into some proper 4x4ing? Having a strong and capable winch will definitely help keep you or your mates moving when the going gets tough. But to get the best use out of it, you need to make sure you’re giving it the power to pull. Did you know winching frequently off just your starter battery can flatten and reduce its life significantly even with the engine running? Give your winch maximum torque and take the strain off your start battery, with a REDARC Dual Battery Winch Kit!

How It Works

When you combine the market leading REDARC battery charger and isolator you not only have a setup that’s capable of running your 12v accessories, you also have a system that links your batteries together to help provide additional power to your winch.

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Does anybody winch their way out of trouble like the team from 4WD 24/7? Use the gear they trust in the most insane and intense situations imaginable.


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