Why is the Tow-Pro Elite flashing blue and green?

What does blue and green flashing mean on a Tow-Pro Elite

A common question that gets asked:


I have a REDARC Tow-Pro Elite installed and I am concerned that I may have not installed it properly or it has not calibrated properly.   When applying the vehicle brakes, the Tow-Pro™ Elite glows red.  When pressing the button without the van attached it "breathes" blue.  When the van is attached the unit flashes blue and green. 




When pressing the button without the van attached the Tow-Pro™ Elite "breathes" blue.  This is normal and the unit is in sleep mode.  Breathing, as opposed to flashing, is the LED gradually getting brighter until its brightest point and then gradually dimming off.  

Whilst driving with the trailer connected, the LED indicator will flash blue and green.  The Tow-Pro™ Elite will calibrate as you brake.  Each time you brake the unit will monitor and record its direction of travel.  The Blue flash will get longer as the unit calibrates until the unit has determined its direction of travel and the LED is solid blue whilst driving and a shade of red when the brake is applied.  We have developed a technical tip describing the LED flashing red, green and blue. 

If your Tow-Pro Elite does not flash red when applying the brake pedal, you may be experiencing a "Blue Green Green Fault". Click here to read more.