BCDC1225D orange wire and LED changes explained

Changes to the REDARC BCDC1225D Orange Wire

In the new BCDC 1225D Orange wire is used to select maximum output voltage. This can be achieved by connecting in the following way.

  •          To select Profile A leave the ORANGE wire disconnected. This will set the Maximum voltage to 14.6V.
  •          To select Profile B connect the ORANGE wire to Common Ground. This will set the Maximum voltage to 15.0V
  •          To select Profile C connect the ORANGE wire to the RED wire (Input source positive). This will set the Maximum voltage to 15.1V.
  •          To select the Lithium Profile (Li) connect the ORANGE wire to the GREEN wire (LED output). This will set the charger to Lithium mode.

It is important to ensure that you check the manufacturer’s data for your battery to ensure the maximum voltage of the profile you select does not exceed the manufacturers recommended maximum charging voltage. If the maximum voltage is too high for your battery type please select another charging profile.


For more information on selecting the correct charging profile please consult the user manual.


BCDC 1225D LED Changes


In the BCDC1225D the charging profiles have changed from previous BCDC units. The 3 charging profiles; AGM/Gel, Standard Lead Acid and Calcium  will be changed to A, and C, with a reference to the Maximum Charging Voltage appearing both on the product decal and in the product manual.


The Stage LED indicates the charge profile stage. With either A, B or C profiles selected the charger will output a 3-Stage Lead Acid type charging profile with Boost, Absorption and Float Stages. When the Lithium (Li) Profile is selected the charger will output a 2-Stage LiFePO4 type charging profile with Constant Current and Constant Voltage stages. The diagram below outlines the LED sequence mentioned above.

The BCDC 1225D needs to indicate an active Solar Input and Alternator Input as well an extra profile type (Lithium). As a result, the stage LEDs have been consolidated to one LED with a flash sequence to indicate stage

For more information please consul your user manual