How to charge a dual battery system using a 240V AC SmartCharger

Battery maintenance on vehicles is a subject that is easily overlooked. When storing your vehicle away for long periods, it is good practice to connect a maintenance charger, such as our REDARC AC Smart Battery chargers, to take care of batteries.

In an application where a dual battery system is installed into a vehicle and there are two battery banks to charge and maintain, understanding how the dual battery system operates needs further consideration.

For example:

Some issues can occur when charging the vehicles start battery. It is recommended to isolate the vehicle’s battery, EG: remove the battery terminals or remove the fuse to the dual battery system prior to connecting a 240v Smart charger.

An alternative method is to charge your auxiliary battery first, then charge the start battery second. This method does not require isolating the dual battery system or disconnecting the start battery.

When you are charging the auxiliary battery with a maintenance charger, the dual battery system will be in Standby mode and will not be affected. Connect the 240v Smart charger to the battery terminals and away you go.

Once charging is complete, reassemble and now your vehicle is prepared for your next touring adventure.