How to wire a BCDC from a caravan to a vehicle with a smart alternator

Vehicles with Variable Voltage alternators will need additional wiring on both the Caravan and the towing vehicle to be compatible with BCDC1225D and BCDC1240D. The wiring required is outlined in the diagram below.

Vehicle Instructions

For vehicles with Variable Voltage Alternators towing caravans, a REDARC SBI12 Smart Battery Isolator and a 50A
Anderson plug will need to be wired up for compatability with BCDC1225D and BCDC1240D.

  1. Install SBI12 in the vehicle according to the SBI12 Instruction Manual
  2. Source power from the vehicle start battery via a suitable MIDI Fuse to the SBI12.
  3. Wire the SBI12’s BLUE Override wire to the vehicle IGNITION.
  4. Using 6B&S, wire through to an Anderson plug at the rear of the vehicle.
Caravan Instructions

The BCDC1225D or BCDC1240D mounted in the caravan will need to be wired to connect with the SBI12 now
mounted in the vehicle through the Anderson plug.

  1. Splice the RED and BLUE wires of the BCDC together
  2. Wire the spliced connection to the caravan Anderson plug’s positive using 6B&S.