How to connect an external RCD to a RS2 inverter

The new RS2 model inverters (350W and 2000W) are double insulated meaning the earth pin of the GPO is not connected. This change has been made in order to comply with the Australian Standard ASNZS4763.

In order for an external RCD (Residual Current Device) to work correctly with the RS2 inverters the earth connection of the RCD MUST be connected to a chassis ground.

  • The change to the inverters making them compliant means the earth pin on the GPO is not connected to the
    inverter chassis.
  • In order for an external RCD to operate correctly, the earth connection of the RCD must be connected to the
    vehicles chassis ground.
  • An RCD will not trip when used with the RS2 inverters unless a (MEN) neutral to earth connection is implemented
    before the RCD


This inverter is isolated in accordance with AS/NZS 4763 and does not normally require RCD protection. The AC output active and neutral are isolated from the DC Input Supply and Chassis Earth by double insulation. The output earth pin is not connected to ground, it is floating. If for any reason an RCD is required it should be fitted by a licensed electrician. External connection of neutral and chassis earth should be determined as appropriate or not by the licensed electrician on the specific case by case basis.

Residual Current Devices (RCD)

Certain installation codes and/or government regulations requiring the installation of an RCD must be done by a licensed electrician.