Troubleshooting RedVision Bluetooth pairing

Having troubles connecting your Apple/Android device to your RedVision system? Follow the steps below which will solve common problems people encounter.

Firstly, ensure the RedVision App has location services enabled in the phone settings. (Hint: The App location services as well as your devices location services are required in order for this system to operate correctly)

If you have previously attempted to connect, or have already connected to your RedVision in the RedVision App before:

  1. Open the App on your device and press the settings “Gear” icon at the top of the screen
  2. Select Bluetooth, then if any REDARC DISP4300**** device name appears at the top of your screen, select “FORGET” next to this device name
  3. Next, on the RedVision Display navigate left to the settings menus
  4. Navigate UP or DOWN until you reach Display Settings, then press the lower left soft key next to the Bluetooth icon
  5. Once in the Bluetooth menu, press the top right soft key beside the bin icon, and confirm you want to clear all paired devices by once again pressing the top right soft key
  6. Also check your device’s Bluetooth menu for any evidence of an existing pairing with a REDARC DISP4300, and erase any that do still exist
  7. With all Bluetooth connections erased, navigate back to the Display Settings menu on the RedVision Display, and press the lower left soft key next to the Bluetooth icon
  8. Your RedVision Display will now be ready for pairing
  9. Whilst the RedVision Display is advertising for pairing, open the RedVision App on your device, and press the settings “Gear” icon at the top of your screen
  10. Select Bluetooth and wait for your REDARC DISP4300 to appear under “Select Device”
  11. Once this appears, select the REDARC DISP4300, read the product disclaimer, and enter the pairing code when prompted – this code will be shown on the RedVision Display.

If you are experiencing further issues with your App, you may need to follow these device specific steps before re-doing steps 7-11 above.

Apple devices

  • Erase the App and re-install from the App Store.

Android devices

  • Access your device’s settings and navigate to the Apps menu
  • Find the RedVision App and select
  • Find and access the storage option
  • Select “Clear Cache” & “Clear Data"
  • Press back, then proceed to uninstall then reinstall the App from the Play Store.

For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask by calling our technical support line between 8am-5pm Australian Central Standard Time, or sending your query via email to