The Camp Man reviews the BCDC1240D

The Camp ManThe Camp Man

In search of the perfect offline and off-road lifestyle, The Camp Man has quickly become a popular and well followed online figure.

Having spent the past few years travelling around remote and regional Australia with his kitted up ute and loyal dog, The Camp Man has upgraded his setup along the way to maximise his travel experience in order to stay off the beaten track longer.

As part of those upgrades, The Camp Man recently installed the REDARC BCDC1240D in-vehicle charger and put it through its paces...


Living life off 12volt

After spending 6 years in the previous camper trailer tripping around Australia, I recently received my custom-built Toy Hauler which has been in the making for the last 8 months and will allow me to continue my journey. 

After living out of camper trailers for a decade and setting them up myself, my setups have been fully self-sufficient and able to live off 12 volt.


Choosing the REDARC BCDC1240D

One of the biggest selling points for choosing this battery charger is due to its size. After having different 12 volt set ups previously, I understand sizing of certain products can take up a lot more space than there needs to be. So, with choosing the REDARC BCDC charger it really helped with what little space I had set aside for the power house.

When it comes to installation there is nothing better than D.I.Y to save money and the way REDARC setup this unit along with the instructions they provide, it makes it an easy process for anyone who wants to do it themselves.


Built tough to go the journey

One thing I do like about this 12-volt charger is the way the wires come out from the rear of the unit, therefore all wires are soldered, unlike some of the other chargers out there where wires are connected by screws, making it possible for them to come loose over time.

The reason why I went with the 40amp and not the smaller 25amp model is because I run 2 x 140ah Deep Cycle Batteries and when I am on the road driving I like to get as many amps put back into the batteries in the shortest amount of time possible, making the the BCDC1240D the perfect choice.

Another advantage of this unit is the solar regulator input. Before installing this unit I had to use two separate products to achieve the same thing, a DC DC charger and the other a solar regulator which was taking up valuable space. Now with the REDARC charger it is capable of doing both. It has a built-in Solar Regulator which allows me to plug in my 600 watts of solar and is then able to put the maximum charge possible back into my 280-amp battery bank.


Ready for a Lithium upgrade
The Camp ManThe Camp Man

Although I have been using AGM Deep Cycle Batteries for many years, I believe there will be a time I will want to venture out and go with Lithium batteries and it makes it easier knowing that this REDARC system is pre-wired, ready to be able to charge Lithium batteries. 

There are certain things you can’t go cheap on and one of those is definitely a 12volt system. And definitely not when it comes to being in the middle of nowhere with a freezer full of meat and a fridge full of beer.   


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