Introducing the ultimate portable power system


You haven’t seen portable power like this before. Built and tested in the most unforgiving conditions and to REDARC’s rigorous standards, GoBlock is a portable power system like no other. As both a portable power source as well as flexible in-vehicle dual battery system, it’s the perfect solution for those looking to get off-grid without the commitment of installing a traditional dual battery system.

Portable power without the hassle

In modern 4WDs and smaller vehicles, finding the space to install a dual battery system is becoming increasingly difficult. This, combined with an increasing attitude towards minimising vehicle modifications and the convenience of a portable power system, was the inspiration behind creating GoBlock. A fully portable system, GoBlock is a self-contained portable dual battery system that has the benefits of both a traditional dual battery system and a portable power station.

Anyone that’s investigated installing a dual battery system in their vehicle knows it can be tricky. With plenty of wiring involved, if you’ve got no auto electrical experience it can be a daunting process. GoBlock reduces the installation requirements and makes powering a weekend getaway achievable no matter your skills.

Solar ChargingSolar Charging
An all-in-one solution

GoBlock integrates core REDARC components and technologies into a single package. Featuring a 50Ah or 100Ah lithium (LiFePO4) battery, battery charger and 50A MPPT solar regulator, it’s designed to work with most solar panels on the market. This makes it a great alternative to a noisy, petrol generator. It can power all your low-voltage devices with the outputs available, making it the perfect solution to keeping your laptop, lights, phone or cameras charged while you’re on the road.

With a rapid charge feature, GoBlock can be recharged in as little as two hours either from your vehicle, solar or a combination of both. The simple battery gauge on the unit keeps you on top of how much charge is left, or connect to the RedVision app for a more in depth look at the state of charge, system diagnostics and input source information.

Go tough

When designing GoBlock, it needed to be built tough and ready for almost any situation. Made with high-quality lithium battery cells, they’re safely enclosed within the robust, fully sealed aluminium case. These powerful cells can deliver virtually full power until discharge. To handle everything the Australian outback can throw at it, it’s been built to ensure it can survive all the conditions of camp. Water, dust, dirt, spilled drinks, you can even use it as a spare seat at the campsite.

12v setup12v setup
Never get stuck

With GoBlock in the car, you’ll never have to worry about having a flat battery again. It has a start battery recovery feature which enables you to safely charge your vehicle’s start battery so you can get yourself, or your mate, out of trouble on the road in just 15 minutes.

Both a portable power source and flexible in-vehicle dual battery system, GoBlock is capable of powering your electronics and accessories when you’re on the road. Built tough for the most rugged and distant off-grid adventure, learn more about how GoBlock could work for your setup.