MrTruck Reviews the BCDC1212T Dump Trailer Battery Charger

Kent, more commonly known as MrTruck, knows better than many the hassle of having to charge your dump trailer battery from 110V mains power. Having to charge his trailer before each use not only wastes mains power but means he is limited to when he can use the trailer. To free his trailer from the hassle of AC mains charging, he installed REDARC’s purpose-built DC-to-DC dump trailer charger, the BCDC1212T. As the most advanced on-trailer battery charger on the market it’s perfect for installation into any trailer with hydraulic pumps and winches.

Why do I need an on-trailer battery charger?

In a dual battery setup, where one battery is used to start the vehicle and a secondary battery is used to run electrical devices on the trailer or to power the lift bed, a BCDC on-trailer battery charger is essential. The BCDC1212T offers greater flexibility and versatility when it comes to charging trailer batteries, not only in terms of correct battery charging but also suitability for all alternator types, battery locations, and battery types.

With many modern vehicles having smart alternators, they don’t produce a high enough voltage to charge a secondary or trailer battery through a direct connection. The BCDC1212T works by boosting the voltage to the second battery to charge it regardless of the alternator type. It’s also useful to overcome voltage drop caused by long cable runs.f

What does a trailer battery charger do?

The BCDC1212T keeps the auxiliary battery charged whilst driving, ensuring your secondary battery is charged to a proven 100%, no matter the type.* It is compatible with 7-pin round RV plugs and sockets, allowing it to be used with existing 12V auxiliary power available on the trailer plug. It works in both 12V and 24V vehicles and is ideal for trailers that have hydraulic pumps and winches, such as – but not limited to – dump trailers, boat trailers, car trailers, liftgate trucks, camper vans, and more.

*large capacity battery banks may require a few cycles to fully charge.

The BCDC1212T allows you to save time and keep moving by powering the battery throughout the day whilst driving and reduces the dependency on AC mains charging. Able to charge Standard Lead Acid, Calcium, Gel, AGM, or Lithium batteries, the BCDC1212T has an input current limited to 12Amp, ensuring the current rating of the trailer plug is not exceeded. This DC charger uses a multi-stage charging profile so that auxiliary batteries used in trailers can be charged to 100%.

Charge while you drive

Before REDARC, MrTruck would get six dumps out of his battery before needing to recharge. With the BCDC1212T, his battery is recharged as he drives, “Previously you’d have to plug it in at night to recharge so you could dump stuff the next day, but this system replaces that, meaning you don’t have to plug it in.” Charging your trailer batteries while you drive means less time and power used waiting for them to charge before you leave, and more time spent on the road without running out of battery power.

Installation tips and tricks

The BCDC1212T is fully sealed meaning it’s protected against water and dust and can be installed in the engine bay or on the trailer’s A-frame. It is an ideal solution for installation in the A-frame toolbox or nose cone of a dump trailer, or the back of a truck equipped with a liftgate. Ideally, you’d want to install it as close to the secondary battery as possible though it can overcome voltage drop due to long cable runs. 

For MrTruck installation was simple, “We only needed three wires, the charge wire from the truck, and positive and negative wires to the battery.” For more information on installing the unit, see Mr Truck’s video below.

When it all comes down to it MrTruck considers the BCDC1212T an advantage for dump trailers, “Dump trailers that use battery capacity and would need to otherwise be charged overnight with 110V mains power, with the BCDC1212T I can eliminate this charging time, this means more loads dumped a day.” For more information on the BCDC1212T 12A Trailer Battery Charger check out the installation guide or follow MrTruck on YouTube