Notice to Retailers - Electric Brake Controller Products

REDARC: Notice to Retailers
14 November 2017

1. REDARC Electronics Pty Ltd is the producer of the award winning "REDARC Tow Pro" Electric Trailer Brake Controller (product codes EBRH-ACCV2 and EBRHV2).

2. REDARC has intellectual property rights in the "Tow Pro" product within Australia including certified Australian Innovation Patent No. 2017100513: "Brake Controller for Towed Vehicle Braking System and Method" (Patent).

3. In recent months some other brake controller products have come onto the Australian market with the following product descriptions:

  • "GSL IRBC-12"
  • "GSL IRBC-24"
  • "Powercon LV1407" and
  • "Baxters BCR-1000"

These products are all supplied by Great South Land Pty Ltd (ACN 053 250 472) (GSL)

REDARC considers that the supply or sale of these products infringes on the Patent.

4. REDARC has issued a Federal Court proceeding against GSL, claiming that GSL has infringed the Patent by supplying and selling these products.

5. On Friday 10 November 2017, the Federal Court made an Order restraining GSL, until further order, from selling, offering to sell or otherwise disposing of these products. The Order also restrains GSL from procuring, inducing or authorising any other person to sell, offer to sell or otherwise dispose of these products.

6. This Order was made with the consent of GSL and without admission of liability. The Court will fully determine the question of liability at a trial likely to be heard next year.

7. A copy of the Federal Court Order is attached.

8. Retailers are asked to note the "Penal Notice" on the front of the Order, which states that any person who knows of this Order and does anything which helps or permits GSL to breach the terms of the Order may be liable to punishment.

Attached: Federal Court Order dated 10 November 2017.




Anthony Kittel
Managing Director and CEO
REDARC Electronics