REDARC further integrate into Defence industry with internship program

REDARC Electronics continue its integration into the Australian Defence industry by participating in the Defence Engineering Internship Program (DEIP) - an initiative of the Department of Defence.

As part of the program, REDARC will be providing workplace opportunities to engineering interns interested in pursuing careers in the Defence industry, particularly careers within SMEs, due to their strong placement for commercial success in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

The first intern placement sees Alec Bryce undertake a three-month position with REDARC, which commenced in November 2017 and concludes in early 2018.

Alec, a mechanical engineer, stated that “It’s a great opportunity for me and my career to be a part of the Defence Engineering Internship Program. It allows me to develop as an engineer, whilst getting a greater understanding of the Defence industry through working on the development of Defence based projects at REDARC, who have made me feel at home since day one.”

Working under James Albrechtsen, Team Leader of REDARC’s Mechanical Design Team and 2017 winner of the Defence Teaming Centre’s Young Achiever Award, Alec will be exposed to a variety of Defence specific projects.

In addition to the time spent under James’ guidance, Alec will also collaborate and assist new REDARC Defence Account Manager, Mike Hartas, where he will be exposed to other facets of the Defence industry and expand his knowledge and understanding of Defence requirements management and solution design.

Of the internship, Mike said “It is an exciting time for REDARC as we continue to grow our capabilities to meet the needs of our Defence partners and ensure the Defence workforce of tomorrow. Being able to employ Alec on real Defence projects is an excellent outcome.’

The intent of DEIP is to increase engineering students' level of interest and participation in the Defence industry and pairs up to 30 engineering students with a range of defence industry SMEs across Australia.

DEIP provides Australian Defence SMEs with the opportunity to market the Defence industry as an innovative, interesting and viable career path for engineering students who undertake a sponsored work placement in their firm. The program attracts high performing engineering students and exposes them to a variety of Defence-based work.

REDARC is proud to be selected as a Defence-centric SME and look forward to working with the DEIP in upcoming internship placements over the coming years.