REDARC wins multiple awards at National Manufacturing week

Manufacturer of the Year Manufacturer of the Year

REDARC received three awards including Manufacturer of the Year at the 14th Manufacturers Monthly Endeavour Awards night held in conjunction with the National Manufacturing Week. Additional awards won included the Most Innovative Manufacturing Company Award and the Global Supply Chain Integration of the Year Award.

Recognised as the premier awards program within the manufacturing industry, the evening is a chance for businesses involved in manufacturing across Australia to celebrate the many successes within the industry, to help share these successes with a broader audience and to learn more about the many remarkable personalities and enterprises that make the industry great.

The Manufacturer of The Year Award is the most prestigious award of the night. It was awarded to REDARC for outstanding innovation in the areas of technology, management and product development. It recognises REDARC as an outstanding manufacturer and industry leader.

The Most Innovative Manufacturing Company Award recognises an Australian manufacturer that thinks outside the box to create a business idea shaped by versatility and innovation.

The Global Supply Chain Integration Award recognises manufacturers who have developed unique expertise and products that allow them to plug into global supply chains and markets.

REDARC’s Managing Director, Mr Anthony Kittel said he was delighted to be recognised for REDARC’s continual innovation in manufacturing high-quality products.

“Innovation is about transforming ideas into outstanding commercialised products that create new global business opportunities”.

“A specific focus on designing products for manufacture and a culture of continuous improvement is the best way to ensure excellence in manufacturing”.

The awards are further recognition of REDARC’s contribution towards the Australian Manufacturing Industry. In April REDARC were awarded the 2017 Excellence in Manufacturing – Gold Award (Over $10million annual turnover) at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Excellence Awards Banquet.

“These awards are testament to REDARC’s commitment to research, design and dedication to manufacturing world class products for the automotive and transport industries” Mr Kittel added.

The Endeavour Awards are presented annually by Manufacturers Monthly and are held in conjunction with National Manufacturing Week. The Endeavour Awards were held at the Central Pier, Docklands in Melbourne on the 11th of May.