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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99 in Contiguous US* All orders shipped from North Carolina Low fixed freight for AK, HI, Canada & Mexico
*Excludes heavy and bulky items.


REDARC Defence & Space provides access to robust, field-proven products in any volume, from single units to high-volume deployments. We also specialise in customizing existing solutions and developing entirely new products to meet your unique needs. From concept to prototype to production, we are your trusted partner for dependable defence power electronics.

Reliable power solutions, ready when you need them:

  • DC power systems 
  • Heavy-duty and emergency vehicle electronics 
  • Vehicle sensors
  • DC-DC converters 
  • Dual battery systems 
  • Battery monitoring systems 
  • Controller Area Network (CAN BUS) products 
  • REDARC Thermal Signature Enhancement Kits (RTSEK) 

These military grade in-vehicle chargers are designed for applications that require specific installation and opera-tional requirements, such as Defence, Automotive OEM’s and Emergency Services. 

The dual input allows for simultaneous solar and DC charging, with Green Power Priority enabling the device to automatically select solar charging first, before selecting DC to charge itself.

The engineered enclosure is designed to house the standard BCDC Dual Input hardware along with a newly developed filter board,  designed to improve EMC/EMI performance to meet the  demanding OEM testing levels and interference to sensitive equip-ment. The engineered enclosure provides enhanced system perfor-mance due to the unique heat sink housing and enables IP rated seal-ing of the unit.

The units feature Military grade, sealable connectors,  replacing the flying leads on the aftermarket product. This  provides a durable, environment protected product with simpler  installation and loom design.



GoBlock® features 9 products in 1 compact unit plus 2 accessories in the box (12v accessory socket charger + mains AC wall charger) and over the air updates.

  • AC charger (overnight mains charger)  
  • 50A DC-DC Charger  
  • 50A MPPT Solar regulator 
  • Quality LiFePO4 battery cells  
  • REDARC proprietary battery management system  
  • Battery monitoring via RedVision®  
  • Start Battery Recovery capability,  
  • Aluminium Battery Housing
  • Charging outlets for 12v accessory, Anderson and USB

Powering your mission.

Drones, Lights, Batteries, Cameras, Phones/Tablets, Compressors, Inverters, E-bikes and Accessories


The REDARC Battery Management System (BMS) is a sophisticated electronic system designed to efficiently manage the charging and discharging of auxiliary batteries in vehicles, mobile defence platforms, and boats.

It employs advanced technology to ensure that the auxiliary battery is charged optimally, extending its life and providing reliable power when needed. The system monitors the battery's state of charge, temperature, and other key parameters to determine the most appropriate charging and maintenance procedures. It also provides important information to the user, such as battery status and charging mode, through a user-friendly interface.

One of the key features of the REDARC BMS is its ability to integrate with various power sources, such as solar panels, alternators, and mains chargers, to provide a comprehensive charging solution. The system can intelligently switch between different power sources to ensure that the battery is charged efficiently and safely, ensuring the power reserves are maximised for the mission critical deployable power requirements.



DPS units provide constant, regulated power for all types of loads making them ideal as an alternative to installing an auxiliary battery; they also protect against reverse polarity, spikes or surges, short circuit, overload and over temperature.

  • Military standard connectors
  • Designed to meet ip67/ip69k ratings
  • Improved thermal efficiency
  • Improved EMC/EMI performance

Torture Tested. Universal Fitment. Powering your mission.

All our products can be tailored to specific needs of the customer.

For details on products, customisation and system solutions please use below form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.