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Tech Tip: Looking after your lead acid batteries

Looking after your lead acid chemistry batteries doesn’t have to be complicated. There are simple routines you can follow to extend your battery's life and ensure it performs reliably. 

Tech-Tip: Getting the most out of your auxiliary batteries

Pickup trucks, trailers, and motorhomes are ideal for overland adventures, offering home comforts like communication devices, fridges, and cooking equipment. However, these gadgets rely on auxiliary batteries in your vehicle or trailer. Using battery power is easy with plugs and sockets, but recharging these batteries can be tricky. Here's what we recommend to maintain them.

REDARC Unveils Custom 2024 Overland Sprinter Van, Marking a Bold Entry into Off-Grid Vanlife

REDARC is thrilled to unveil its custom-built off-grid Van, built by the team at Sandy Vans. The REDARC Van is an off-grid 12v marvel equipped with REDARC’s latest and most capable power management technology—perfect for the big battery banks often found in rigs that want to power all appliances and stay off the grid for weeks at a time

How Much Solar Do You Need To Power A Campervan Off-Grid?

How much solar power does your van need? All your solar power questions are answered here. 

Ultimate Checklist: How To Pack Light For Family Camping

Space can be limited when planning a family camping check. Check out these this ultimate list on how to pack light for your next trip. 

Tech Tip: Fuse Maintenance

In today's world, our trucks are equipped with numerous accessories such as spotlights, reverse lights, work lights, fridges, alarm systems, car stereos, and more. With all these additions, managing the extra wiring, relays, and fuses can become overwhelming, especially when trying to troubleshoot which component belongs to which circuit. Learn why good fuses and maintanence are so important.  

How To Keep Bread Fresh While Camping

Don't compromise on fresh bread while camping! Avoid moldy bread and see our hacks to keep bread fresh while camping & try our delicious campfire damper recipe. 

How to keep beer cold while camping

Practical tips for keeping your beer icy while camping. Whether it’s from an cooler, chilly bin or fridge - cheers to the perfect beer in the great outdoors!

Our Guide To Luxuries That Make Camping Glamping

Elevate your camping set-up with our glamping guide. Learn how to bring comfort to even the most remote camping experience.

Tech-Tip: How to select an Auxiliary Battery

When we’re Overlanding and living on the road, batteries play a big part of our activities. No longer do we seem to be able to live these leisurely camping activities without the need of a fridge, lights and/or any other non-essential power-hungry device. But the big questions when choosing a battery for these systems are What Sort, What Type and How Long?  

Tech-Tip: Mounting an Auxiliary Battery in a Pickup

Considering the vast array of pickup trucks available on the market today – including the various styles they come in, such as King Cab, Extended Cab, and Dual Cab – it’s easy to see how they’ve become so popular. There really is a truck for every driver’s individual needs! With their tremendous payload capacity and optimized available storage space, today’s trucks offer seemingly limitless options for auxiliary battery mounting locations.

Powering a Full-time Family Journey Around the World

Preparing for any major trip can be daunting. It only takes one missing ingredient to spoil a meal, one forgotten stuffed animal to ruin a good night’s sleep, one loose screw to make something fall off along a corrugated trail. If we’re honest, these are the worst-case scenarios that cross our minds. So you can imagine how high the stakes felt as we contemplated driving around the world for 10-15 years in a Jeep, leaving the United States in October 2021 with our four-year-old son.