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Getting to know overlanding expert Scott Brady

When it comes to capturing the beauty and essence of not only a landscape but its people, there are few better than Scott Brady. He has built a reputation on being able to understand what makes a place and its culture special and convey it in both the written word and iconic photography.

REDARC caught up with the experienced adventurer to find out how Expedition Portal and Overland Journal got their start and what keeps Scott coming back to outback Australia.

How did the dream of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal start and how much have they evolved since then?

I remember the first magazine article I read on the Camel Trophy. At the time, I was a multi-sports athlete, competing in duathlons and triathlons. The Camel Trophy looked like the ultimate adventure. This, combined with my travels early in life with the US Military both formed my love for adventure with a vehicle.

The evolution of Overland Journal and Expedition Portal has been incremental as we have always had such an emphasis on the quality of the written word and the associated imagery. We have primarily evolved in scale, becoming the world’s largest overland community and editorial resource.

You have been able to amass a large following, both with the magazines and with your online communities, what do you think sets you guys apart from others in the game?

What makes us different is our emphasis on the field experience of our editorial team. This has been a very difficult standard to uphold, but it has provided us with a deeper well of experience than most other publications and websites. There are very few journalists that have actually planned and led serious expeditions around the world.

What’s next for Expedition Portal and Overland Journal?

Our emphasis is to continue growing the audience in the most authentic and quality way possible. We have added additional editorial volume to Expedition Portal, and better managed our systems for editorial throughput. Look for more video in the future, along with additional editors.

You’ve travelled to Australia many times, what keeps you coming back?

Australia is a special place on the globe, combining extremely remote conditions in a first world country. I love the desert, and Australia has one of the most amazing deserts on the planet. The Kimberly is next on my list.

Having powered those adventures with REDARC products, how do you see them benefiting those passionate about overlanding in the US?

The primary benefit of REDARC from my experience is reliability. I have never experienced a failure of any REDARC products in all my years installing and using them. This gives the traveller confidence in their systems and inspires them to travel further afield when they have reliable 12v power on-board.

What is your dream vehicle?

I have come to love simplicity, as a heavily modified vehicle tends to result in more distraction than enjoyment. For that reason, I prefer vehicles like the HZJ76 Land Cruiser, Tdi Defender 110, and motorcycles.

What is your favorite off-road destination and where haven’t you been yet?

For backcountry travel, my most favorite is Africa because of the rich culture, the variety of wildlife, and the general remoteness. Northern India is on my shortlist.

What is the best part of your job and what is the hardest?

I am so grateful for all of the travel that I get to do, along with the chance to photograph the unique places on the planet. The most difficult part of my job is keeping up with email and other communications, particularly when in the field. I declare email bankruptcy at the end of each year.

What is your number one tip you’d give to someone who wishes to go overlanding in the US?

Within the United States, the best opportunity and reward with overlanding is the natural beauty. Southern Utah in particular is like no place else on each.

Favorite camp cooked meal?

Is coffee a meal? If not, I do love to make Salmon on a cedar plank.

Top three gadgets someone should install in their vehicle for overlanding?

Most proper overland vehicles require very little to explore the globe, but I always ensure that I have a means of self-recovery like a winch or traction boards, a satellite-based messenger for communications, and a complete tool kit with an air compressor. I drove the length of the Silk Road with just this kit and a stock Suzuki Jimny.

How do you see the REDARC brand growing and how do you feel about our partnership?

REDARC will continue to grow and be successful internationally due to the strength of the brand reputation, and the quality of the components REDARC produces. For that same reason, Overland Journal is proud to partner with REDARC because of the reputation of the company in the industry and the quality of the products. Quality and Authenticity are core values for my brand, and REDARC also has these in spades.

Not only have you been working with REDARC, but many other Australian brands. What advantages have you seen working with Australian manufacturers?

I have experienced very positive business dealings with Australian companies and partners, with their loyalty and sense of fairness being a cornerstone. In general, Australians value long-term collaborations and associating with quality-minded organizations. The LandCruiser is so popular in Australia for a reason- the vehicle is much like Australians, reliable and authentic.

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