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Keeping the Desert Clean: Desert clean-up initiative

Based out of Barstow, California, Clean-Dezert is an organisation dedicated to the maintenance, preservation, and education of the off-road culture in the desert environment.

Located north of Los Angeles, Barstow is a popular area for off-highway vehicles and hosts many desert races, this also makes it a popular area for illegal dumping. Being within an hour and a half drive from both Los Angeles and San Bernardino, it’s become a prime target for dumping not only trash but bigger items like unwanted vehicles and boats.

Founded in 2005, by two friends Adam Filbin and Ray Regno, Clean-Dezert started as an initiative by two kids who just wanted to do something positive for the off-road community. At the time, and to this day, illegal dumping is the reason for many Bureau of Land Management land closures, and Adam and Ray wanted to do something to help.

Clean-Dezert is an organisation striving to change this. As a group of concerned off-road enthusiasts they are committed to not only cleaning up the desert though their annual clean up days but educating the younger generation. By rallying fellow off-roaders in their cause, they aim to improve the reputation of the off-road culture. Too often the off-roaders are blamed for this dumping when that is not the case, the Clean-Dezert team are working hard to reverse this idea.

“By rallying fellow off-roaders in our cause, we make a positive contribution to the communities surrounding off highway vehicle areas, as well as showing that we respect our desert privileges and strive to keep them open,” says the Clean-Dezert team.

But they’re more than just talk, Adam and Ray wanted to make sure they were physically contributing to the cleaning up of the deserts. This lead them to work with the Barstow Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management to host an Annual Barstow Clean-Up. This yearly event held in the fall focuses on the area near Outlet Center Drive and the local Barstow Areas.

At the 2019 event, the 6th Annual Barstow Clean-Up was Clean-Dezert’s largest to date. In under 4 hours, the over 650 volunteers were able to fill 11 dumpsters with a variety of trash. From regular camping trash to tires, and bigger items like bbqs, industrial waste and even a boat, they hauled 22 tons of trash from the desert. The Barstow Clean-Up events are more than just a clean up though. With food, drinks, and raffles for volunteers, companies sponsor the event to give back to all the volunteers.

“Clean-Dezert relies on the strength of our volunteers and sponsors to support the cause,” says the team, “These individuals are giving up weekends to make sure nails are being removed from camping sights, stoves are being removed from the race course, and trails are being cleaned to beautify the land.”

Clean-Dezert also makes an impact in the desert by attending and supporting several off-road racing events around the Southern California and Nevada area. Aimed at the younger and up and coming generation of desert enthusiast, they want to educate to ensure that the desert remains usable for all generations to come.

REDARC is excited to be working with Clean-Dezert to sponsor their upcoming clean-up event as it aligns with our company values and purpose of what our DC Charging, Power Management and off-grid solar products help enable. Being held on the 14th of November at Outlet Center Drive, the event will be held over the weekend. We will be sponsoring the raffle where, the more trash you collect, the more entries you get into the raffle. We’re passionate about keeping the land usable for future generations and lessen the impact of off highway vehicles in the desert.

If you’d like to find out more information about Clean-Dezert, their mission and future events check out their website.