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Pure Sine Wave Inverters

There’s nothing like being out on the open road in your RV or rig; with new places to see and things to do around every corner, it’s every adventurer’s dream. Previously you may have had to forgo some of the luxuries you have at home - especially when it comes to electrical appliances. But with REDARC, you don’t have to worry about this! Discover power and convenience like you’ve never experienced before with REDARC’s range of Pure Sine Wave Inverters. learn more

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With our Pure Sine Wave Inverters, you can use your electrical devices anywhere on your travels and get the same type of 110 volt power you get at home. A Pure Sine Wave Inverter produces a unique sine wave, ensuring a smoother, more efficient running of household appliances, including: laptops and phone chargers, power tools, heaters, kettles and more. Now slimmer and lighter, REDARC battery inverters feature multiple levels of protection, including overload, short circuit and an over-temperature and load controlled cooling fan.

Planning on charging smaller appliances, such as phone and camera chargers, computers and CD players? The 400W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is your go-to. If you need something a little more heavy duty, then the 2000W 12V inverter or 3000W 12V will suit all of your needs. Able to power microwaves, fridges and TV’s, these inverters are perfect for any car, caravan or camping trip. Not to mention, you can control any of our 1000W, 1500W, 2000W (and more) inverters using a remote control.

With REDARC’s range of  inverters, you can have all of the comforts of home when you’re out on the road. Shop our power inverters online today, and see our other ranges of solar panels52mm gauges and DC to DC battery chargers.

Which model do I need?

R-12-400RS-NA Phone and camera chargers, CD players, GPS, computers, CPAP machines, laptops
R-12-1000RS-NA Any of the above plus TVs, power tool battery chargers
R-12-1500RS-NA Any of the above plus capsule coffee machines
R-12-2000RS-NA Any of the above plus irons, hairdryers, microwaves
R-12-3000RS-NA Any of the above plus heaters, espresso machines, kettles


Refer to both the appliance’s and the inverter specifications before selecting the inverter model.

*R-12-2000RS-NA and R-12-3000RS-NA are compliant for industrial applications only. 



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