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Diagnosing a Battery Management System calculation issue


Why has my Manager30 been calculating for a long time?



This should only happen when first connected (or if the auxiliary battery has been disconnected and re-connected). When this happens, the BMS will put the battery through a full charge cycle. Depending on the battery’s size and SOC (state of charge), this could take quite a few hours (even longer if the BMS only has a small solar panel as its charging source). If it keeps calculating for days, it is possible the BMS has got into a loop & needs a restart (much like a mobile phone that needs to be switched off/on). To do this:

1. Disconnect the 240V input.

2. Unplug the green plug from the BMS main unit (there is a securing screw each end).

3. Unbolt the battery sensor. This is the red plastic block with a brass tab, bolted to aux battery positive terminal.

4. Leave for at least 1 minute.

5. Reconnect in reverse order: Bolt the red battery sensor on, then plug in and secure the green plug, then connect to 240V.

6. The BMS should complete calculating quickly.


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