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Explaining the Manager30's Touring and Storage modes

The REDARC Manager15 and Manager30 Touring and Storage Modes Explained

Touring Mode


When you need to use power in your vehicle, select Touring mode; It’s designed for use when you’re ‘on the road’.


Touring mode offers a 3-stage charging profile consisting of Boost, Absorption and Float stages. In Touring mode, the house battery is monitored to detect faults such as short circuit, over current and over voltage. This allows the Manager to operate correctly even when loads are connected to the house battery. This mode will always produce an output (unless a fault condition is detected) and will cycle through the three stages as required to maintain the house battery.

Storage Mode


When you aren’t using power in your vehicle for more than a few weeks, select Storage mode; It’s designed to charge the house battery to its optimal level and maintain that level while your vehicle is in storage. Before entering Storage mode, all loads need to be switched off or disconnected from the house battery (don’t worry, the screen will remind you!).


Storage mode uses an 8-stage charging profile consisting of Desulphation, Soft Start, Boost, Absorption, Battery Test, Equalise, Float and Maintenance stages (the Desulphation and Equalise stages aren’t used in AGM/Gel and Lithium profiles). Storage mode is designed to detect a wider range of battery fault conditions and relies on no load being applied to the battery to achieve this accurately.


Unlike Touring mode, Storage mode does not cycle; once the charging process is completed, The Manager will always remain in either Float or Maintenance stages. Float stage will provide the house battery with a ‘trickle’ charge whenever the house battery’s voltage drops below a predetermined threshold to ensure the battery stays charged. Maintenance stage turns off The Manager’s output but continues to monitor the house battery and will revert to Float stage when necessary.

NOTE: If The Manager is set to Storage mode and the vehicle is started, The Manager will automatically switch to Touring mode when it senses an increased input voltage from the alternator. When using the charger in Storage mode, make sure that all loads are disconnected from the house battery being charged. Failure to do so may cause the house battery to be under charged, give false readings on the State of Charge indicator and/or possibly cause damage to any loads connected.


When The Manager is set to Storage mode and no valid charging sources are connected, it will enter a Sleep mode 30 seconds after the last user interaction. The sleep mode is designed to limit the amount of current drawn from the output battery by the system whilst in Storage mode and does this by switching the screen and all non-essential functions off. The Manager will wake-up from its Sleep mode if a button is pushed or if any valid input source is sensed, though this may take 30-60 seconds to occur after the source is connected.