Take control of your adventure with the RedVision Vehicle Management System from REDARC. The award‑winning RedVision system gives you an unprecedented level of control and automation for your caravan, camper trailer, RV or 4WD

Manage your power anywhere, anytime. REDARC’s Vehicle Management range includes battery management and power distribution all controlled by RedVision. Whether it’s via the dedicated RedVision screen or Bluetooth connected mobile device, RedVision is like a personal assistant for your power.

Control multiple on-board devices, such as lights, inverters, water pumps, televisions, electric steps, compressors and fridges. It also provides you with the ability to monitor water levels, temperatures, power consumption and storage, right at your fingertips.


Each RedVision integrated system includes the state-of-the-art Manager30 battery manager. This 30A charger can simultaneously charge from 220-240V AC mains power, your vehicle’s alternator and solar. Whether you’re free camping or on a powered site, it knows how to take charge and keep secondary batteries fully charged.


Keep track of the essentials in real-time with RedVision, the all seeing eye of your off-grid power setup. State of charge, estimated charge remaining, voltage, charge/discharge current and battery temperature are all on hand, helping you relax knowing your power is taken care of. Measure up to six separate water levels or temperatures with built in sensor inputs (sensors sold separately).
Everything is available on the RedVision display or on the go with the intuitive RedVision app for iOS or Android (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian versions are available).


RedVision allows you to control multiple on-board devices, such as lights, inverters, water pumps and other loads including televisions, electric steps and fridges. Forget about returning to your caravan to adjust your outdoor lights as complete control is also available with the intuitive RedVision app on iOS and Android.


RedVision can be programmed to automatically control multiple devices, act as a master switch and even disconnect non-essential loads to preserve and protect your batteries. For example, simply hit one button to turn everything off and just leave the fridge running.


REDARC’s range of In-vehicle Dual Battery Chargers are designed, built and tested in Australia for the harshest conditions, to make sure they won’t let you down. With features like fully sealed construction and fan-free cooling, water, dust and vibration are no match for the In-vehicle Dual Battery Charger. 


At just 25mm thick and with built in smart fuses, the TVMS Rogue System offers a small footprint, great for vehicles with limited space. 

Dimmable 10A outputs make the TVMS Rogue idea for lighting and low powered systems (fridges, fans etc.)


For setups with more than two water tanks and a mix of low and high powered devices, check out the TVMS Prime. Six tank sensor inputs, a dedicated inverter channel and 80A max current level make the Prime an absolute powerhose. Perfect for camper traielrs and mid-sized caravans. 


Upgrade your off-grid power system with REDARC’s RedVision Integrated Systems. The award-winning RedVision systems combine smart battery management and centralised accessory control in one powerful package, while simplifying your installation.
Each system includes the powerful Manager30 battery manager, which acts like six products in one. Not only does it charge your secondary batteries from the vehicle while on the move, it’s a 220-240V AC charger, solar regulator, battery isolator, load disconnect controller and battery monitor. With the Manager30 in charge, you’ll never be stranded with a flat battery again.