REDARC is a private, Australian owned, innovative electronics organisation that provides mobile, off-grid energy and safety management solutions to customers worldwide. 

The most important factory in REDARC's continual success is our customer first approach. Our in-house design, production and technical support capability gives our customers the confidence to explore and operate safely in remote and harsh conditions away from the gird. 

REDARC's business model is based on relentless innovation, with a constant focus on quality and performance. We test our products in some of the toughest environments on the planet and believe that products designed and made in Australia offer a competitive advantage.

REDARC strives to design and build the best products while enhancing its community impact and environment, striving to lead the industry, creating a legacy and being the benchmark by which our competition is measured. Achieving such goals is only possible if we are winning together as we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our employees, customers and the communities we are a part of. 


We forge relationships, listen to understand and ensure we exceed customer expectations. 

We take pride in making our customers' experience effortless.

Our No Limits attitude makes us the benchmark by which our competition is measured. 


Our competitive spirit drives us to embrace risk.

Our agility enables us to move fast and achieve big goals. 

We relentlessly find better ways to outpace the competition.


We prioritise safety and wellbeing, while supporting each other to have fun and celebrate wins as a team, believing no one succeeds alone.

We have the courage to challenge each other, take action and treat others with dignity and respect.

We promote open and transparent communication, building trusting and inclusive relationships. 


We remain humble, support others to grow and develop and foster integrity driven relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers and the community.

We take care to have a positive impact on our planet for future generations.

Our lasting legacy will be the contribution we make to a thriving community around us.