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In The Shadow Of The San Pedro Martir with Tight Loops Fly

"In The Shadow Of The San Pedro Martir" follows Aimee & Chase Bartee of Tight Loops Fly on an unconventional adventure into the wilds of the Baja Peninsula in search of a rare species of native trout. The film spans many miles, milestones, and life changes - including a complete rig build as they move from their 1985 VW Van into a 2022 Toyota Tundra Flatbed Four Wheel Camper

A story of determination, failure, resilience and camaraderie - "In The Shadow Of The San Pedro Martir" showcases Baja's often overlooked northern landscape; a largely untouched region home to a spine of towering mountains with views from sea to sea.  From the wilderness of Mexico all the way to Patagonia and back - follow Aimee & Chase as they share a firsthand look at one of the rarest trout in the world.

This film was powered 100% by REDARC, so we caught up with Aimee and Chase to learn more about their journey. Here is what they said:

How did you use REDARC to power your journey? 

Our REDARC power system is instrumental in our day to day.  As professional filmmakers and photographers, there is an obvious need for reliable power - from editing, charging batteries, powering laptops, and beyond.  Our Redvision system paired with the Manager 30 and our two 180-Watt Solar Panels on the roof make for an infallible combination.  Our home on wheels operates as our mobile studio so easy access to charge batteries while you're on the road and shooting all day cuts out the worry of dead batteries in the field.  Settling in after a day of shooting and backing up footage is easy peasy with such a robust power system.


What is your favorite REDARC product and why? 

Our favorite REDARC product is a hard one to choose.  I think ultimately, we're loving how well the whole system works together.  We do really love the Redvision with Bluetooth capability. Being able to dim all lights is such a lovely feature, not to mention being able to turn lights on and off from your phone!  It feels like a bit of luxury in an otherwise pretty minimal setup!


What advice would you give to others planning a journey like this one? 

If you're interested in setting up a similar system for living on the road, I would suggest looking at others who do similar things or have similar interests!  We learned so much by seeing other creatives living on the road.  Don't be afraid to ask questions and reach out to the companies whose products you're interested in!  They're a wealth of information and can typically direct you to the right people to help you to figure out how to make your power system top notch.  We always air on the side of wanting an abundance of power, so carefully look at what products you will be needing to power on the regular and take a hard look at your workflow.


If you're interested in going on a similar kind of trip?... do your research about the area!  Familiarize yourself with the language as much as possible and give yourself plenty of time to explore!