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There’s nothing more freeing than roaming the unknown; places where the roads aren’t roads and the horizon has no end. To go off-grid, you’ve got to be on top of your game. You have to be prepared for every possibility and your gear can’t let you down.

Keep an eye on all of your appliances from a single display and a smartphone app,
and monitor your battery status, lights and water tank levels. RedVision can be tailored to everyone’s individual build, whether it’s a canopy fit out, camper trailer or motorhome retro-fit, and can be configured to do whatever you need to suit any travel.


Turn all accessories on and off, and monitor battery vitals, charging and essentials.


Turn your lights, compressor, water pump etc. on /off and monitor water tank levels and temperatures with one click on the RedVision smartphone app.


Easy to install, pair with the Manager30 and /or RedVision distribution box for the ultimate control and monitoring solution for your rig


You can easily take all the comforts of home to your favorite spot for the ultimate freedom.

redvision battery

redvision water tanks

Monitor battery levels Check water levels A central master switch Control devices & lights

RedVision acts as a central hub that allows you to control multiple on-board devices.

You can turn an inverter, lights, water pumps, televisions, air compressors, and fridges on and off at the push of a button, or remotely via the user-friendly mobile app.

You can monitor up to 6 water levels and 2 temperatures (for example fridge temp and outside temp), but also get live data on the state of charge of your battery and power consumption. When paired with the REDARC Manager30 Battery Management System, RedVision gives you all the info you need to go off-grid, and stay there longer.