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Powering up the hunting season with Outdoors Allie

Hunting season has well and truly arrived, so we sat down with Allie D’Andrea from Outdoors Allie to talk all things hunting and how she powers those longer excursions.  

How long have you been hunting and what got you into it?  

I have been hunting for nearly a decade! I was introduced to hunting in college and immediately loved the connection to nature and food.  I hunt for just about everything. Big game like whitetail deer, antelope, turkey, mule deer, and small game like pheasant, grouse, and squirrels. 

How do you choose a good hunting location and what one is your favourite?  

You must spend time in the woods scouting to find a good hunting spot. Looking for sign like scrapes, rubs, bedding areas, and travel corridors. I love hunting the mountains in the west for elk and the hardwood forests in the east for deer.  

What safety precautions should someone take when hunting?  

While whitetail hunting, it's important to be careful while climbing trees to hunt. I primarily hunt out of a hunting saddle, and I use a lineman's belt as a safety rope while climbing, then a tether to keep me secured to the tree once I'm about 18 feet high. If you're hunting from a tree stand, you need to wear a safety harness. While elk or mule deer hunting, I like to carry bear spray or a side arm when in grizzly country. And if you're hunting alone, always tell a loved one where you're going before you head out. 

What is your most memorable or challenging hunting experience?

The first animal I harvested with a bow is probably the most memorable for me. It took a few seasons of trying and failing and trying and failing before everything finally came together. It was a doe antelope, and I shot her at 35 yards after an amazing stalk. I'll never forget it! 

Can you share some tips for a beginner hunter who plans on starting?  

First thing to do is buy your hunting license! Each state has their own hunting regulations, so it's important that you have the proper tags and permits required to hunt in your specific state. From there, it is helpful to take a hunter safety course and then head out into the woods and scout. Nothing beats boots on the ground scouting before the season opens to help set you up for a great season.  

How do you travel to the hunting spots and what powers this rig?  

I have a Ford Transit van that has been converted to a 4x4, complete with rugged tires so it can handle off road adventures. I have the RedVision Vehicle Management System and the Manager 30 Battery Management System. It's a critical piece of gear for my longer hunts where I may be off grid for days at a time. It powers everything I need and makes the adventure much more comfortable.  My REDARC system powers my lights, portable fridge / freezer, charges my cameras, phone, headlamp, and more. It's comforting to know that I can rely on REDARC to power all of my needs and keep me comfortable while out in the woods! 

Check out more from Allie on Youtube @Outdoors Allie or Instagram @outdoors_allie.


What can you achieve with REDARC on board?