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Todo Bien with Bound for Nowhere

Todo Bien is an 8 part series that follows the travels of MAK & Owen (Bound for Nowhere) as they venture into Baja California for three months. Their travels take them to the remote corners of Baja where they find quiet beaches, incredible surf, kind locals, beautiful remote communities, incredible food, and rich culture. Most importantly, they learn that international travel, even close to the US has a way of heightening the senses and instills a deeper curiosity for the unknown. By venturing out with an open mind, incredible experiences are waiting. 

REDARC are a proud sponsor of Todo Bien, so we caught up with MAK & Owen to find out how they used the power of REDARC to explore the beautiful landscapes of Baja. Here’s what they said: 

How did you use REDARC to power your journey?

Our REDARC system is a part of how we manage full time life and work from the road. Our REDARC solar panels ensure that we have the ability to generate power even when we decided to sit still for up to a week at a time at remote beaches or surf spots. Without it, there would have been no way for us to be able to sit still for that long while filming day in and day out. Because of the Manager 30 we never had to worry is our thirsty camera batteries we draining our power supply too much because we were able to keep close tabs on the whole system.  


What is your favorite REDARC product and why?

All of our REDARC products play a vital roll in our daily life out on the road. The real MVPs of our REDARC system while in Baja was our two solar panels. We had a 180W fixed panel on the roof and a 120W Monocrystalline folding solar panel that we put out when we are sitting still for a few days. Over the years we have had many rigs and even more solar panels, but none compare to our REDARC panels. They're the most efficient and durable we've ever had. Because of them we almost never have to worry about power, which is an incredible feeling when producing a long form video series!


What advice would you give to others planning a trip to Baja?

Do your research ahead of time, including downloading maps offline. You will go long stretches of time down in Baja without any cell service of any kind. By doing some basic planning ahead it will set you up for success when you get down there. Particularly by having your maps saved offline. Additionally, Baja in the winter, as beautiful as it is, is very windy. We recommend downloading the app Windy to help you keep an eye on where the wind is and isn't. It was not uncommon for us to move because of  sandy 20+ mph winds. If you have the time, move slow. Baja is best enjoyed moving at a slow pace. And last but not least, if you see a taco stand with a line, do yourself a favor and stop to eat those tacos. 



Check out MAK & Owen on Instagram – Bound for nowhere - to see more of their journey to Baja and other adventures to come.