Travelling Tips and Advice

Common Mistakes When 4WDing

We rounded up some common 4x4 mistakes and what to do, so you don’t get caught out.

Best Places to Break in your 4X4

If you're new to 4x4ing it can be pretty daunting to know where to go and what do you need to know. REDARC has teamed up with some experienced 4WDers to find out more.

How to choose the best vehicle battery charger: What's available?

Find out what dual battery system is best for your vehicle setup, we cover everything from solar panels to isolators in this thorough guide allowing you to spend extra time off the grid with your vehicle

How to choose the best vehicle battery charger: Getting started

A dual battery system will ensure you'll always have your vehicle running, the beer cold and have all your accessories working as they should. So how does it work and what do you need to consider?

Shaun's top 5 X-mas travel tips

Shaun Whale gives REDARC his top tips for getting away at Christmas to make the busiest time of the year a memorable one on the road for your family.

The 3c's of Travel

2 years and 9 months ago we left the Netherlands behind and started our great overland journey! You can prepare all you want for your journey, but you will only find out what works and what doesn't once you've been out there.
We've decided to give you a chance to get a little head start! Below you will find our 3's of travelling; Car, Cooking and Camping. After all, these are probably the most important aspects for starting your adventure. We swear that by the time you have finished reading this, you'll want to steal these tips and tricks for yourself!

How to make holiday planning stress-free this Christmas

We've collated a whole list of tips from our collaborators and travel ambassadors this year, who are well traversed in the art of holiday planning. From those who have an intimate knowledge of Australia to those who took their home on wheels to Africa, these are their tips and tricks you need for planning your travels this holiday season.

Tips and Advice: Are you prepared for the holidays?

When it comes to planning any holiday short or long it can be quite a stressful & frustrating period, sometimes so much so that you may feel like you need a holiday just from the holiday planning! Planning a road trip is no exception, but approaching it with the right attitude and goals in mind it can turn out to be a lot of fun and very exciting.

Towing 101: What you need to know when towing

You may have driven a Toyota Corolla your whole life and now you have bought a 200 series Landcruiser which can tow 3500kg and the biggest caravan that you are allowed to tow. But What skills do you have when it comes to setting up your combination to head off on your first trip?

How to manage your gadgets

In our last blog we explained what you need to know to calculate your 12v requirements. Now we tell you exactly what you need to keep track and manage your power needs while out on the road. Last thing you want is to drain your batteries to 0, keeping the beer cold will be the last of your worries!