REDARC Gift Card Terms & Conditions

REDARC’s Gift Cards can be used towards any purchase of goods on our website,

When redeemed, the Gift Card code must be applied in the online checkout when all goods have been added to the shopping cart.

This Gift Card is not a credit card or debit card and is a ‘virtual card’ only with no physical card to be provided.

This card is not redeemable for cash. REDARC Gift Cards do not have an expiry date. REDARC Gift Cards are only valid if purchased direct from the REDARC website and processed through the online checkout.

Once purchased, Gift Cards will be sent to the chosen recipient via automated email with an invoice of purchase to be supplied to the purchaser.

There are no post-purchase fees attributed to the purchase of a REDARC Gift Card, including but not limited to activation fees, account keeping fees and surcharges.

Gift Cards can only be purchased at the pre-defined values and are not able to be topped up or reloaded with value. The value specified on the Gift Card must be redeemed in one transaction and cannot be split across multiple purchases.

For further information regarding the sale and distribution of REDARC Gift Cards contact