Why is my Tow-Pro Elite FLASHING RED?

How will this appear?

The Tow-Pro Elite’s remote head will periodically or continuously flash RED when a trailer is connected.

What does the RED flashing mean?

The Tow-Pro Elite has a built-in fault detection system that utilises the LEDs in the remote head to communicate to the user, via flash codes, of any problems with either the braking system or with the installation itself. The RED flashing code is alerting the user to an issue which can affect trailer braking performance.

Can I still tow when the Tow-Pro is Flashing RED?

Whist the Tow-Pro will attempt to brake the trailer, the braking performance could be affected. It is recommended to avoid towing until the fault can be rectified.

What is causing the RED flashing?

Applicable to all braking systems (except ALKO IQ7):
If your trailer is equipped with any other type of braking system, such as standard electric brakes commonly found in caravans and camper trailers; the RED flashing fault code signifies issues within the grounding circuit of the braking system.

Only applicable if your trailer is fitted with AL-KO IQ7: 
The ALKO IQ7 is a compressed air-based braking system primarily designed for use on boat trailers.
When the Tow-Pro is connected to a trailer with an AL-KO IQ7 braking system, the RED flashing light signifies a problem related to inadequate air pressure within the braking system. For additional and in-depth information, please refer to your ALKO IQ7 user manual.

How to fix grounding issues causing RED Flashing:

Please note: Diagnostic testing is required to identify the cause of poor grounding. REDARC recommends you seek the support of an installer where possible, however please see below a list of the common causes and how to fix these issues, followed by a link to a comprehensive test procedure.

Common causes of the RED flashing fault:

Dirty, corroded or under tensioned pins on Trailer plug (trailer) and base (vehicle): 

  1. Ensure trailer plug pins are clean from dirt or corrosion and not bent inwards (male pins on trailer side of plug).

  2. Use a product such as RP7 or WD40 to clean the pins if dirty or corroded and/or a small flat blade screwdriver to help straighten any bent pins.

  3. Re-connect the trailer plug to the base and check to see if the fault code is still being displayed.

Insufficiently sized ground wire:

  1. Remove the covers from both the plug and the base to facilitate access. If necessary, detach the trailer base from its vehicle mount.
  2. Check the size of the ground wire going to pin 3 of the trailer plug or base. Make sure that it is at least 4mm automotive wire as the Tow-Pro requires a minimum of 4mm grounding wire.
  3. Check the ground wire is securely connected to a suitable ground connection, such as the vehicle’s chassis.
  4. If the existing ground wire is not sufficient size, connect an additional 4mm automotive wire to pin 3 of the trailer plug and/or base.
  5. Reassemble covers and refit base to vehicle, connect trailer plug to base and check for Tow-Pro LED activation.

Insufficient grounding to an Anderson plug (only applicable if you have an Anderson plug):

If your trailer/caravan has an Anderson plug at the back of the vehicle, insufficient grounding to the Anderson plug can lead to the Tow-Pro flashing RED.

To diagnose this;

  1. Disconnect the Anderson plug while the RED flashing is ongoing.
  2. If the flashing stops, this indicates that the cause of the issue is a poor ground connection.
  3. Inspect the ground wire of the Anderson plug (-) to ensure it has a suitable ground connection, such as a terminal attached to bare metal (unpainted surface). This can be carried out on both the vehicle and trailer/caravan Anderson plug wiring.